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स्वास्थ्य पोषण शिक्षा तथा कृषि अनुसन्धान विकास नेपाल (हर्ड नेपाल)

What We Do


Health & Nutrition

Technical support local government for the Development of Nutrition profile, factsheets, health policies, acts and strategies
Strengthening of HFOMC and PHC/ORC, capacity building of FCHV
• Good nutrition is essential for healthy growth and development, particularly during the first 1,000 days, from pregnancy through a child’s second birthday. HEARD Nepal partners with Nepal Government, EDPs organizations and to design strategies, policies, programs and systems to prevent and treat malnutrition and strengthen nutrition security in development and emergency contexts. Strongly advocate for Adolescents Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights
Community Health and Nutrition (CHN) activity works to improve the nutritional status of pregnant and lactating women and children under the age of 2 by achieving measurable improvements in key behaviors related to maternal, infant and young child nutrition, as well as postpartum family planning.
Maternal and Neonatal Health awareness program specially focusing to the Marginalized and disadvantage community i.e. Musahar, Dome community of Madhesh Province.
Conduct Health and Disability Screening Camp, support need based asssitive device
Advocacy and community awareness program related to Social Protection Scheme Ex. Social Health Insurance
Screening of Non-Communicable Disease, run community lab campaign, collection of samples and follow up of the positive cases, run community awareness program related to NCD.
Explore the mental health cases, psychosocial counselling, run anti suicidal awareness campaign at schools.
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Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Menstrual Hygiene Management and advocacy for dignified menstruation for normal and emergencies, School WASH program etc.
Engage ministries and their line agencies integrating WASH into education, local development and, health programs
Run Hygiene promotion programs to achieve sustainable changes in key hygiene practices to reduce major WASH related diseases.
Collaboration with communities and local agencies to enhance the knowledge, skills, and capacity of partners and sector-based stakeholders to cope with and manage sanitation and hygiene issues.
Build the capacity of local people in using WASH technologies, developing improved water and sanitation facilities, ensuring water quality, protecting the environment, and claiming the rights to water and good governance.

Inclusive Quality education:

Advocacy for inclusive education for all, and promotion of inclusive and quality public education.
Identify the most vulnerable, deprived, impoverished children i.e. Children in Jeopardy, child laborers, early marriage girls, children's with disability and provided them free education (Currently our program is running at Udayapur and Morang district)
Collaborate with local government, School Management Committee (SMC), Parents Teachers Association (PTA), Child Clubs and its Networks and advocate for School Zone of Peace (SZoP), strengthen complaints response mechanism, facilitate quarterly meeting etc.
Materials support for 6 learning corners to strengthen ECCD and trained ECCD facilitators to prepare teaching learning materials.
Rescue the street children and enroll them in education free of cost.

Child rights Governance and Child Protection (CRG-CP)

Technical assist local government to formulate children related policy also trained government official on child rights, GEDSI etc.
Advocacy for the Child Friendly Local Governance (CFLG) and technical assist for declaration
Campaign for birth registration
Support in Formation of Child club, Child network, conduct child assembly, strengthen their capacity for budget advocacy in Palika and ward level.
Advocacy with local government (M/RM, Ward) for the establishment of Child Emergency fund
School based boys and girls trained/oriented on Comprehensive sexuality education
Technical support local government to formulate strategy to end child marriage, for this collaborate with Local and Ward Child Rights Committee, CSOs, Police etc.
In collaboration with CSOs prepare strong network and advocate for the child rights issues, stop child marriage and reunion with family, identify child labors etc.
Capacity building of children and developed them as a child champion
Run Awareness program for Violence Against Children (VAC)

GEDSI and Child Safeguarding

Identify common Gender and Social Norms issues, end gender, caste and ethnicity related discrimination.
Identify Persons with disability and mainstream them in program, capacity enhancement.
Technical support local government formulating its Gender Equality Disability and Social Inclusion policy.
Advocacy for the rights of LGBTIQ+ and enroll them in social protection scheme.
Strengthen Complaint Response Mechanism.
Appointed GEDSI and Child Safeguarding focal person.

Humanitarian Relief Management:

Needs assessment and emergency response and planning
Distributing food, clean water, and nutritional supplements to affected populations and managing food distribution points and ensuring equitable access.
Providing temporary shelter, tents, and essential household items Ensuring adequate sanitation facilities and hygiene promotion.
Establishing or supporting medical clinics and mobile health units, Providing medical supplies, vaccinations, and treatment for injuries and illnesses. Other logistic support to the affected populations
Advocacy and Fund raising.
Conduct Sphere ToT and apply its parameters in programming keeping it a cross cutting.
climate change

Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaption

Social Mapping, Risk assessment and Analysis.
Community engagement and awareness.
Trained students and children about Climate Change adaptation, advocacy for clean energy,
Adaptive planning and Policy development.
Trained students and children about Climate Change adaptation, advocacy for clean energy, sanitation, plantation.
Green entrepreneurship and youth empowerment
Vulnerability and Hazard Mapping at school and Health Facilities, formation of school based disaster management committee and community based disaster response and management committee.
Contingency plan and Local Disaster and Climate Resilient Plan (LDCRP) development.
Mock drill and simulation and schools and community level.
Advocacy for the establishment of disaster response fund.

Food Security, Livelihood and Economic Development

Promote sustainable farming practices that conserve natural resources, reduce environmental degradation, and increase productivity.
Establish or strengthen social safety net programs to provide assistance to vulnerable populations during food shortages or crises.
Improve nutrition and health outcomes through education, access to clean water, sanitation, and healthcare services.
Promote gender equity and social inclusion in food security and livelihood programs to ensure equal opportunities and benefits for all.
Offer vocational training and skills development programs to help individuals acquire income-generating skills, Support the establishment of small businesses and income-generating activities.
Strengthen local markets and value chains to improve access to markets for small-scale farmers and producers.
Need assessment, Provide SIYB, business literacy training and involve them in income generation activities.
Promote Green entrepreneurship.

Research and Innovations

Conduct baseline and endline survey and research of Health and Nutrition related activities.
Data Collection and analysis
Document important cases and success stories
Develop mobile applications

Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) & Social Mobilization:

Producing multimedia content, such as advertisements, news releases, articles, videos, and infographics.
Pitching stories, press releases, and expert interviews to gain media coverage.
Engaging with policymakers, stakeholders, and advocacy groups.
Designing and implementing behavior change campaigns through various channels, including mass media, social media, community events, and public relations.
Gathering feedback from the target audience to assess the effectiveness of interventions.
Promote Green entrepreneurship.
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Environmental and Occupational Health:

Advocacy for tree plantation
Raise awareness to community people for the use of organic fertilizer, bio pesticide instead of chemical fertilizer and pesticide.
Awareness on banning of plastic and plastic related items
End child labor
Risk analysis at different workplaces and aware employee to became safety and apply safety majors.

Youth Development and Engagement:

Conduct youth empowerment program through their meaningful participation in community level activities and their mobilization.
Trained on all the 9 components of Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) and develop as an advocate and youth champions
Conduct life skills and vocational training to youths to reduce unemployment and seasonal migration.
Awareness program against child marriage, force marriage as well as substance abuse.
Actively advocate for Gender Based Violence (GBV).
Promote Green entrepreneurship.
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