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स्वास्थ्य पोषण शिक्षा तथा कृषि अनुसन्धान विकास नेपाल (हर्ड नेपाल)

Child Sponsorship Educational Program in Udayapur and Morang, Koshi Province, Nepal

DONOR: Uplift A Child International USA is a non-profit organization, founded by Samuel and Rena Vonumu in 2000. Our objective is to identify orphan, semi-orphan, poor and needy children, place them in a school, and support them through 12 years of schooling through the high school. This will keep the children off the streets, provide them with the basic skills to develop, and give them an opportunity to emerge as self-reliant and productive members of the society. By the time the children complete high school, they will have the necessary social skills and will be mature enough to plan and work towards a brighter future. Until then, we must work with each child in helping the child grow in the right direction.
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Health policy, Act and Plan in Koshi and Madhesh Province, Nepal

DONOR: PARTNERSHIP WITH LOCAL GOVERNMENT- Health system strengthening refers to the process of improving the performance and accountability of a country's overall health system so that it can better meet the health needs of the largest population, contributing to a strong and sustainable health system. This includes improving the quality of health services, access and service consumption, as well as strengthening the underlying systems and structures that make delivery of those services easy and transparent. Health system strengthening can include a variety of activities including regulation and addressing emerging problems and challenges Health system strengthening can include various activities such as improving health system regulation and oversight, increasing the availability of essential drugs and supplies, enhancing the capacity of health workers, and improving health system management and financing. By strengthening health systems, countries can improve the health outcomes of their populations and reduce health inequalities within their societies. federal system paves a new way for opportunities to build a better health system.

Food Security & Livelihood Program Chuadandhigadhi Municipality at Udayapur District

DONOR: PARTNERSHIP WITH LOCAL GOVERNMENT- Livelihoods are the means of making a living, the means that allow human beings to construct a living and satisfy their daily needs. Livelihoods are one of the main components to create resilience within a household or a community. Livelihood Program is to reduce poverty and inequality by generating employment among poor households and by moving highly vulnerable households into sustainable livelihoods and toward economic stability.

Nutrition Promotional Program at Saptari, Sunsari & Morang Districts

DONOR: PARTNERSHIP WITH LOCAL GOVERNMENT- Nutrition is important in all process of life starting from fetal development in the uterus, the birth of the child, growth, maturity and old age. Malnutrition has been a serious problem in Nepal and is a major threat particularly to the health of infants, adolescent girls and pregnant and lactating mothers. The nutritional status of mothers and children is seemingly very poor particularly in the rural areas of Nepal. This project proposal aims to develop and implement a nutrition promotion program at the community level in Nepal. The program will target vulnerable populations, including pregnant and lactating women, infants, and young children, Adolescents in of district. The goal of the program is to increase awareness about proper nutrition and healthy eating habits, supporting to declare Nutrition Friendly Local level, Nutrition promotion during key life stages and to provide resources and support for individuals and families to make positive changes in their diets and lifestyles.
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Maternal & Newborn Health Care Strengthening Project at Saptari, Sunsari & Morang Districts.

DONOR: PARTNERSHIP WITH LOCAL GOVERNMENT- HEARD Nepal works to improve maternal and child health and nutrition outcomes in Saptari, Sunsari and Morang through the Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition Activity (MCHN), funded and partnership with Local Government. The MCHN project focuses on strengthening service delivery systems and governance at the national and local levels. It provides technical assistance to various government structures that coordinate the implementation of maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH) and nutrition programs in public and private health care facilities in Saptari, Sunsari and Morang districts. MNCH and nutrition-related policies, guidelines, training materials, tools and high-impact interventions to improve MNCH and nutrition outcomes at various levels of the health system. In addition, the project has advanced the routine use of MNCH and nutrition data to inform policy, decision-making, resource allocation and service delivery improvements.
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